Contact: Dr T.C.Katsande

Painting, Tiling, Plumbing and Glazing.

Plumbing and General renovations


Depart of Veterinary.  Tell: 04705885. Harare

Guest and Turner Real Estate

Contact: Mr. N .Kamena

Painting, Tiling, Plumbing and

General renovations

 192 Herbert Chitepo. Cell: 0773 244 162 . Tel:  04- 751440/6  Harare

Contact : Mr. Chigogo

Painting of inside and outside,

Roof painting, Swimming pool and Electrical repairs

  No. 5 Isis Rd, Vainona

Cell: 0772 359 502,  Tel: 04-792162/7

Sachikonye Cupboards/ B.I.C Fitting

Contact: Mr Sachikonye
Installation of fitted kitchen and

In-built wardrobes and  painting.

  Warren Park Project Harare

Cell: 0772 201 956

Mabika House Renovations

Contact: Mr. Mabika
Roof leaks and fascia board repairs at

No. 64, Pat Palmer Drive

Cotswold Hills


Cell: 0772 744 381

Muringai House Fittings

Contact: Mrs. E Muringai

General maintenance,  painting,

Plumbing and electrical maintenance.

Curtain rail and kitchen Fittings

    Flat No. G.01

Granite side Park


Cell: 0712 411 056

Samuriwo House construction :  Contact: Mr. Samuriwo

Painting of walls, doors and ceilings,

Electrical repairs, plumbing,

Fitted kitchen redecorating and

General repairs.

    9 Berkshire Avenue

Emerald Hill    Harare

Cell: 0772 431 241

Met bank
Offices maintenance

Contact: Mr. Ndala

General Renovations, Glazing,Plumbing repairs and Partitioning

Throughout their branches

  No 3 Central Ave Harare

Tel:   04 706128

Cell:  0712 759 619

 Mr. Sakala’s House construction

Contact: Mr. Sakala

Construction of 3 bedroom house

i.e. brickwork, plastering,

Skimming tiling, glazing, carpentry,

Plumbing, painting, electrical and

Driveway paving.


Cell: 0773 394 095

City study centre

Plumbing -toilets repairs,

Contact: Mr. Mukona(Principal)

ground , first and second floor

drains unblocking and

repairing of cracked floors

  Baywood real estate

Contact: Mr. Nyoka

General repairs and maintenance

i.e. roof leaks repair, tiling

painting,  plumbing

   95 Baines Avenue .   Tel: 04-761954

Cell: 0773644242


Contact Mr. Kapopo

Plumbing maintenance,

repairing and replacement of burst pipes.

roof leaks treatment.

   No. 5 Wingate Rd



Cell: 0772 205 116

Rodox Zimbabwe : Contact Person: Wellington

Doors fitting and painting

  9th Causeway Building

Central Avenue


Cell: 0772 740 060

Oketex Investments : Contact Person: C Mututwa

Roof leaks and ceilings repairs.

Floors, walls and ceilings painting

Water tank removing and replacement         

   86 Rezende Street  Harare

Cell: 0773 230 090

 Pote Safari Camp    Mugan’acha Phase 1

*Renovations and alterations and partitioning and demarcating to suite
Pote Safari Camp

* Removing of carpet and tiling of the conference room

* Repairing of roof leaks on the main conference centre

* Painting of gutter, windows walls outside Phase 1
* Hanging of ceilings and repairs

No. 113 Gaydon Rd

Greystone Park

Cell: 0772 237 247

Mugan’acha Phase II

*Preparation, scrapping and painting of gutters, windows and walls outside.

* Renovations, alterations in all bedrooms, repairing of ceilings.

* Painting of walls, doors and door frames, ceilings, built-in wardrobe

* Removing of old carpets in all bedrooms and refitting of carpets in all

* Plumbing installations and maintenance

* Electrical installations and general maintenance

* Installation of overhead tanks                

Contact: Mr. Kadhani                                                             


No. 113 Gaydon Rd

Greystone Park

Cell: 0772 237 247

Zengeza 4 High School
Removing and repairing of  flushing systems in the boys and girl toilets.
Removing of broken stopcocks and replacement in the boy  and girls
toilets.Replacement of tapes in the boy’s toilet
Natil Investments
Preparation and designing and shop fitting in the
shop and installations of shop shelvesContact  :Natil Investments
    Cell         0772635732
Courier Connect
Construction and painting of Dura wall
Tiling of the reception area Porcelain
Plumbing and repairs and general maintenanceContact :Mr. Chada
 Tel: 04 794963
Paget Pax Endowment Fund

 Renovations of staff quarters

Electricals-new installations and repairs

Ceilings-removal and replacement

Plumbing-new installation of water pipes and geyser

Painting-inside walls, ceiling doors, doorframes, windows and outside walls

Main building

Painting-walls and windows from ground to 11th floor, basement staircases and passages

Plumbing-toilet repairs and general maintenance

Contact: Ms N. Chikazaza


Tel:04 797 486

Cell:0773 060 411

Harmony  Land properties

Maintenance of properties-in their Roofing, Waterproofing, Plumbing, Painting, Tiling, Glazing and General Renovations for all Properties in their potfolio

Contact Mr.S.Risinamhodzi


Tel:04 794 747

Cell:0775 280 059